Submission Guide

Submission Guide

Basic Information

Listing Name

Perhaps the most important part of the submission to The Buck Stays Here directory, the “listing name” is the name of your business or organization. Make sure that you fill this one out.



PLEASE NOTE: If your business is located outside of our footprint, which includes the Northern Neck, the Middle Peninsula, Greater Williamsburg, or the Richmond area, then this is not the right spot for your listing. Any business which does not fit into those areas will not be included. 

Phone Number

This should be an easy one. Please add your main phone number in this space. If you have additional numbers, please add them to the Description area below.

Company Details






Adding your business location is really important for your company. This ensures that folks can find you and buy your goods or use your services. You’ll need to find your company’s location by using the Google map. In order to use the map, which also creates the location address, do the following:

     • Use the + or – symbols on the map to zoom in or out. 
     • Drag your pointer (cursor) around the map and locate your business. 
     • After you find your location, double-click to add a pin. That’s it

Once you’ve added a pin, your address will automatically load in the location field. Watch the animation below for an example of how to find and mark your address.


NOTE: If you leave this area without setting an address, the location of your business will default to the Kilmarnock Branch of Chesapeake Bank.

location animation

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