Sandy Point Marine Services LLC

Sandy Point Marine Services LLC

434 Green Fields Ln, White Stone, VA 22578, USA
434 Green Fields Ln, White Stone, VA 22578, USA
Northern Neck


No matter the time, day or night, we’re here for you. Whether you’ve run out of gas, need a tow, aground, or find yourself in a salvage situation. Please don’t hesitate to give us call. Our captains are extremely qualified and will do their best to make sure you and your family arrive safely.

TOWING – We eagerly assist boaters in need, whether you are a Tow Boat US member or not

UNGROUNDINGS – Most soft groundings are covered under your towboat membership. Hard groundings are often covered by a vessels insurance. Vessels not insured will incur out of pocket costs.

FUEL DROPS – Tow boat US members are covered for fuel drops. However, the cost of the fuel is not. Current fuel pricing is $5/gallon

SALVAGE – We preform salvage operations for all major insurance companies and individuals

TRANSPORTATION – With a private storage facility , multiple trucks, and trailers, we are able to store and transport a majority of vessels



Published: June 28, 2022
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