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GMHS is a non-profit organization serving the Gloucester, Mathews, and Middlesex communities. We are dedicated to being a resource for community pets, homeless animals, and animals in crisis and are devoted to finding animals loving adoptive homes.

Q About Us

The Gloucester-Mathews Humane Society (GMHS) is an open-admission, non-profit shelter serving Middle Peninsula communities. As a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, only a small percentage of the Society's operating funds come from the counties we support. The rest comes from fundraising efforts by volunteers, grants, and other sources. 1,000-2,000 animals come through our doors each year.

The GMHS was formed in 1912 to address community concerns regarding cruelty and abuse of animals in the Middle Peninsula. Primarily concentrating on livestock in the early years, GMHS' focus shifted to advocating on behalf of "companion" animals as the area became less rural and populations swell in the 1970s. It is then the first physical shelter is built. In July 2009, GMHS moved into the state-of-the art shelter facility Middle Peninsula citizens and homeless animals now enjoy.

Q Our Objectives

Be a beacon in animal adoption, welfare and advocacy

Provide care for stray and homeless animals

Be a driving force for animal education

Develop a culture of collaboration and service

Ensure financial sustainability

Q Our Values

Compassion, care and respect for animals and people

Integrity and trust

Promotion of the human-animal bond

Collaboration and Partnership

Exceptional customer service


Appreciation for staff, volunteers and supporters

Healthy work environment

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