6421 Canon Way, Gloucester, VA 23061, USA
6421 Canon Way, Gloucester, VA 23061, USA
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Every business faces make-or-break moments. Our goal is to help businesses make it… and make it big. That’s why we created Flexent — inflection point financing that provides entrepreneurs access to the cash and counsel they need to fund expansion, make a strategic acquisition, bring a vital hire onboard, pay off pressing debt, or pursue an unexpected opportunity when it looks like they’ve exhausted other financing options.

Flexent is a subsidiary of top-rated Chesapeake Bank. We are a safe, federally regulated, low-cost option for companies who need business financing. Because of our excellent pricing and customer service, our average client stays with us for over five years. We offer the following products:

Accounts Receivable Financing
If you have outstanding invoices, you can get cash in quickly by using the strength of your invoices. Once you are approved for the program, send Flexent an electronic copy of your invoices and we’ll advance you cash (80%-90%), usually within 24 hours. We’ll provide online access to reports of invoices funded and payments received. Once payment is received in our lockbox, the reserve amount is released back to you on a regularly scheduled basis, less any accrued fees.

Asset-Based Lendinglinke
By borrowing against the strength of your invoices and inventory, we can advance businesses 80% to 90% of accounts receivable and up to 50% of that amount on inventory (for needs of $500,000-$4 million plus).

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Published: July 5, 2022
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