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We manufacture and sell the equipment you need to grow your own oysters and will advise you on how to get started so you can enjoy the many benefits of oyster gardening. We serve the entire Hampton Roads community.

Q About Us

At Capt. Tom’s Oyster Floats we manufacture and sell the equipment so that you can grow your own oysters, featuring the “Taylor Float” that allows rapid growth from oyster spat (seed) to mature oysters in 6 to 15 months. The oyster is the most important animal in the Chesapeake Bay and it’s surround tributaries. In addition to being a tasty dish on any menu at home or seafood restaurant, the oyster is a very important part of the ecology of the bay and its tributaries. A mature oyster can filter over 50 gallons of water each day and because of this filtering, oysters play a critical role in reviving and maintaining the health of our beautiful Chesapeake Bay for future generations to enjoy and explore.

Q Our Products

Whether your starting a new float or supplementing an existing float, we offer spat from May through November. Many Oyster Gardeners purchase spat several times a year in order to keep a good rotation of various size oysters on hand for harvesting.

We also carry a wide variety of supplies to help make your Oyster Gardening experience fun, safe, and productive:
Oyster Gloves
Oyster Shucking Knives
Dock Lines
Oyster Bags
Oyster Growing Floats
Oyster Gardening Manual
Gift certificates are also available!