Bentwaters Farm

1079 Circle Dr, Susan, VA 23163, USA
1079 Circle Dr, Susan, VA 23163, USA
Middle Peninsula


Bentwaters Farm was established in 1980 on Pepper Creek in beautiful Mathews County by Larry & Rosalie Brown. We sell handmade soaps & hand salves, various honey items, folk art, rugs, handwoven & hand-knitted items. We teach classes in spinning, weaving, felting, baskets & seat weaving. Come visit our shop & studio!

About Us
Bentwaters Farm began in 1980, on Pepper Creek in beautiful Mathews County Virginia. Larry and Rosalie started out raising Hampshire and Dorset sheep, and Nubian goats. Then, we decided to focus more on wool production. Since I enjoyed working with the wool, I began selling various knitted, woven products, along with hand spun and hand dyed yarns. Since Larry liked working with wood and weaving rugs, he decided to begin making canes, folk art, and rugs to sell. Then we started getting into Honey Bees, so now we are selling various honey items. We also have a studio and shop located on our property with the items mentioned above to sell.




Published: July 11, 2022
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