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10421 Georgetown Rd, Mechanicsville, VA 23116, USA
10421 Georgetown Rd, Mechanicsville, VA 23116, USA


Award Home Inspections helps home owners, buyers and sellers understand their current or new home as well as identify any defects or potential safety hazards. We are unique in that we offer a team system, same day reports, drone use, competitive pricing and online scheduling . We have licensed electricians on each team and a separate Electrical Department. Award is also home to Richmond’s Radon Girl leading our Radon Department, offering radon measurements as an add-on or individual service.

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A home is a complicated combination of wood, nails, electrical systems, mechanical systems and piping. Without an inspection, a buyer has no way of knowing the functional condition of the home. A certified inspector has the professional expertise to examine every aspect of a home, including potential safety concerns and upcoming expenses, and make recommendations


Published: June 24, 2022
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